Top Secret

Top Secret, starring William Franklyn as Peter Dallas

William Franklyn plays British Intelligence Operative Peter Dallas in Top Secret a popular series set in Argentina. Peter Dallas takes a sabatical from his work in the UK and returns to Argentina, the country where he was brought up. Once back in Argentina, Peter Dallas is engaged by wealthy businessman Miguel Garetta (Patrick Cargill) to undertake jobs with which the the official law and order agencies cannot be seen to be involved.

Peter Dallas is assisted with his crime-busting duties by his nephew Mike (Alan Rothwell). The duo pursue villains in both bustling cities and quiet remote villages in the Pampas. The experience gained from his work with British Intelligence proves to be invaluable for Dallas in this world of espionage and intrigue.

William Franklyn spent two months in Argentina with a small unit under the direction of Ian Fordyce to film the establishing shots for the series, which was produced by Jordan Lawrence for Associated-Rediffusion Television. The series first aired in August 1961 and concluded in July 1962. The first season in 1961 had 14 episodes, and season two in 1962 consisted of 12 episodes.

In addition to making William Franklyn a household name, the series also starred many other well known actors, including Paul Eddington, Derek Waring, Alfred Burke, Honor Blackman, Hugh Burden and Gerald Flood.

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Laurie Johnson

Whilst researching for information about Top Secret, we were fortunate to make personal contact with William Franklyn, star of the series. Following our initial telephone contact with William, we received a letter from him which mentioned his 1960s series Top Secret of which he had fond memories. However, the letter did not reach us by the conventional route; i.e. a delivery by the friendly regular postman. The aforementioned letter had evidently been delivered to the wrong address, whose occupants had opened and read the contents and seeing the words 'Top Secret', thought it must be a matter of 'National Security'! The letter eventually reached us, delivered by the friendly local constabulary in a police car!