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A profile of the actor Christopher Strauli

Christopher Strauli, in his own words, is probably best remembered as Norman Binns in the hugely popular Yorkshire Television series Only When I laugh. Although an earlier series, also from Yorkshire Television Raffles is where you may have first encountered Christopher. His excellent portrayal of Harry 'Bunny' Manders (pictured top right) the 'partner-in-crime' of A.J.Raffles, played by Anthony Valentine, made this 1970s series compulsive viewing. The characters of Raffles and Bunny are the creation of E.W Hornung (brother-in-law of Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle).

From the sitcom: Only When I laugh

The television series' mentioned above however, are only the tip of the iceberg of Christopher's television work, and indeed his prolific body of work in the theatre; including: School for Scandal (Bristol Old Vic Company), The Winter's Tale (Bristol Old Vic Company), Narrow Road to the Deep North (Bristol Old Vic Company & Theatre Royal, Bath) and The Licentious Fly (London - Mermaid Theatre).

Christopher as Ratty in The Wind in the Willows at The Old Vic

In addition to his television work on the series Raffles and Only When I laugh, Christopher has made countless other television appearances; these include: Edward VII for Lew Grade's Associated Television (ATV), Eustace and Hilda for the BBC, also for the BBC; the Shakespeare series Measure for Measure. He also appeared in 3 seasons of the comedy series Full House for Thames Television, playing the character Paul Hatfield.

Christopher is currently working predominantly in the Role-play/Communication field, where he helps to to train medical graduates and professionals within the medical and veterinary professions. Christopher also does narration and voice-overs, listen to his showreels by visiting Christopher's official website at the link below.

To find out more about Christopher's career, visit his official website where you can find more comprehensive information about his work in the theatre and on television. Also find out about current projects Christopher is working on.


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