Sixpenny Corner

Sixpenny Corner, the very first Soap to be broadcast on the newly formed Independent Television in 1955.

Sixpenny Corner was the the first daily serial to be broadcast on the fledgling ITV channel in 1955. The serial which was shown from Monday to Friday, began on September 23 1955; the second day of broadcasting for the new Independent Television. Sixpenny Corner was broadcast each weekday at 10.45 am.

Patricia Dainton played Sally Norton, her husband Bill, played by Howard Pays manages a run-down local garage. The newly married Norton's live in the fictional town of Springwood. Other stars in the show include, Stuart Saunders as Uncle Fred, Robert Webber as Bill's father and Edward Judd as Denis Boyes.

The serial is written by Jonquil Anthony and Hazel Adair, who also created the serial. The 15 minute-episode serial, produced by Associated-Rediffusion ran from 1955 until 1956. The director is John Lemont who also produced the serial.