Riviera Police

Patrick Mower and Anthony Valentine

The regular cast members of Riviera Police are Noel Trevarthen as Superintendent Johnson, Frank Lieberman as Lt.Colonel Sore, Brian Spink as Inspector Legrand and Geoffrey Frederick as Superintendent Hunter. Theme music: Latin Quarter, composed by Laurie Johnson

Riviera Police is an action-drama series set in the South of France. The series ran for one season only in 1965. A total of 13 x 60 minute episodes were made by Rediffusion Television and Guest-Starred several well known actors, including Roy Marsden, June Thorburn, Patrick Mower (pictured top left), Wanda Ventham, Anthony Valentine and John Le Mesurier.

Episode Guide

Episode 1: Who Can Catch a Falling Star (August 2 1965)
Episode 2: That Kind of Girl (August 9 1965)
Episode 3: The Lucky One Was the Snake (August 16 1965)
Episode 4: But the Company She Keeps (August 23 1965)
Episode 5: Duet for Two Guns (August 30 1965)
Episode 6: A Shot in the Dark and Two in the Midday Sun (September 6 1965)
Episode 7: Take It Sideways and Pray (September 13 1965)
Episode 8: There Comes a Point (September 20 1965)
Episode 9: Past Indefinite - Future Imperfect (September 27 1965)
Episode 10: There's Something Moving in the Water (October 6 1965)
Episode 11: Girl on a Plate (October 1965)
Episode 12: Bubbles Through a Looking Glass (October 20 1965)
Episode 13: A Rainbow Has Two Ends (October 27 1965)