Rex Garner

A profile of the actor Rex Garner
Veteran actor Rex Garner was appearing on television and in films in the 1950s. In 1950 he appeared in a BBC comedy-drama based on a play and set in Moscow in 1945, entitled The Whole World Over in which he played Sergei Sintsin. Also in 1950, Rex plays a waiter in the movie Night and the City, a part for which he is un-credited. Murder at 3am from 1953 sees Rex Garner as Sgt. Bill Todd.

Towards the end of the 1950s Rex Garner embarks on a role which many will remember, as Vic Steele in the series Shadow Squad (1957). Next is another series My Wife and I, playing David Finley (1958).

Rex Garner's prolific career in television continues in series including: Emergency Ward 10, Crane, Z Cars, The Dick Emery Show, Hugh and I, No Hiding Place, Marriage Lines, Softly, Softly, Orlando, Dad's Army, Rhodes (mini-series), The Carruthers Brothers and the tv movie, Life Beyond the Box: Norman Stanley Fletcher.

Rex Garner wrote to Cherished in 2002; "I did a couple of series for Associated Rediffusion in the fifties. I played the lead as "Vic Steel" in "Shadow Squad" and I played the co-lead opposite Mai Zetterling in "My Wife and I".  Both were series."

Rex continues "I went to live in South Africa in 1968 and have recently returned to the UK. I had a full career in Theatre and TV there" [In South Africa]. Rex Garner is one of the most respected theatre directors of comedy and farce in South Africa. Rex has worked for Pieter Toerien, a major theatre producer as principle director for many years. Pieter Toerien has rewarded Rex Garner for his services by naming the small theatre in the Alhambra complex 'The Rex Garner Theatre'.

Watch Rex Garner in a clip from the Z Cars episode The Whizzers

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