Man Of The World

Starring Craig Stevens and Tracy Reed

Craig Stevens stars as Michael Strait in this early 1960s ATV series Man Of The World, first broadcast in the UK on Saturday evenings. Michael Strait is a freelance writer and photographer with a roving-commission and is never far away from a big breaking-news story. Mike Strait enjoys his job, with its inherent sense of danger and intrigue, which he finds in abundance in locations all around the world.

Strait's assistant is Maggie McFarlane (Tracy Reed), a former magazine writer and a good photographer. Maggie is in in love with Mike, although she will not admit it, even to herself. Maggie often finds herself feeling jealous when some of the assignments her boss undertakes bring him into contact with beautiful women in exotic locations. Although Mike is very fond of his assistant, he avoids becoming involved in a romantic way.

Man Of The World is an ATV (Associated-Television) production and was distributed by Lew Grade's ITC company (Incorporated Television Company Limited). The series which ran for 20 x 60 minute episodes in 1962 and 1963 was filmed at Shepperton studios in England and on location.

One of the episodes entitled The Sentimental Agent spawned a series of the same name starring Carlos Thompson who reprised his role as Carlos Varela, an import-export agent. The Sentimental Agent, is an Associated-Television production, distributed by ITC with an original run of 13 x 60 minute episodes in 1963.