Midnight Caller

Jack Killian signs-off at the end of each of his radio talk-shows with "This is Jack Killian, the Nighthawk, on KJCM, 98.3, and goodnight America, wherever you are." Gary Cole is excellently cast as ex-cop, turned radio show host Jack (Nighthawk) Killian.

This hit US drama series had a run of three seasons and originally aired on NBC from 1988 until 1991. Midnight Caller is a moody and atmospheric series with excellent jazz instrumental music to compliment the often serious subject matter of the stories.

Jack Killian quit the San Francisco police force after having accidentally killed his partner, Rusty, in the crossfire at a drugs-bust shoot-out. After this tragedy, Killian could usually be found in a local saloon drowning his sorrows, until that is, he is offered the job of becoming a late-night radio talk-show host. Killian takes calls from troubled listeners who ring in to his show, and attempts to solve their problems in the daytime, often using his experience as a former detective.

This new line of work often means that Jack will be mirroring his erstwhile activities as a detective with the SFPD, however, some of his former colleagues are less than impessed with Jack's new career.

Jack has many personal problems and there is an unconsummated sexual tension between Jack and his boss, Devon King. However, Devon becomes pregnant by another man and she subsequently sells the station. Sadly after Wendy Kilbourne (Devon King) left the show it started to lose ratings and was eventually cancelled.

Killian's first boss at the station is the wealty and beautiful Devon King, played for two years by Wendy Kilbourne. Devon King is the owner of KJCM. In the final year of the series the station is run by Nikki Malloy (Lisa Eilbacher). Billy Po (Dennis Dun) is the station's engineer.


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The Midnight Caller theme, composed by Brad Fiedel is performed by Rick Braun, and is available on Rick Braun's Intimate Secrets CD

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