Kathy Kirby

A profile of the singer & television star Kathy Kirby

Kathy Kirby starred in several of her own television shows in the 1960s, including the Associated-Rediffusion Television show Here Comes Kathy, and Kathy Kirby Sings, for the BBC. In addition to her own television shows, Kathy guest-starred in many other shows on television in her highly successful career. Kathy was also the resident singer on Stars & Garters.

Kathy became a professional singer following a meeting with the bandleader Ambrose at the Ilford Palais. Kathy sang with Ambrose's band for three years and he remained as her mentor and manager until his death in 1971.

Kathy, with her 'blonde-bombshell' looks was often compared to Marilyn Monroe. Kathy's trademark lip-gloss is truly iconic and her perfectly-pitched voice led to many top-twenty hits between 1963 and 1965. Kathy's best know hit record is her cover of 'Secret Love' in 1963 the year in which she won the Top British Female Singer Award in The New Musical Express poll.

Kathy Kirby was one of the major singing stars of the 1960s, she appeared at the Royal Command Variety Performance and made three television series for the BBC. She was also runner-up in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song 'I Belong'. Kathy also sings the Adam Adamant Lives! television series theme tune.

Kathy recorded twelve singles and one album between 1967 and 1973, and made numerous television appearances including The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club television variety show. Kathy retired from showbusiness in the 1980s but still commands a very strong following from her many devoted fans.

Kathy Kirby 1938-2011


With thanks to James Harman at Kathy's official website