Gerald Harper, pictured left, stars as James Hadleigh in the eponymous role. The series ran from 1969 until 1976 with 52 x 1 hour-long episodes.

Hadleigh, the Yorkshire Television drama series created by Robert Barr, stars Gerald Harper as wealthy landowner James Hadleigh. The series is a spin-off from the earlier series Gazette, also starring Gerald Harper. James Hadleigh is a prosperous businessman, proprietor of the Westdale Gazette newspaper and owner of the Melford Park stately home estate.

Gerald Harper as James Hadleigh and Jane Merrow as Anne Hepton

James Hadleigh and Anne Hepton

Peter Dennis plays Sutton, Hadleigh's butler, and Magaret Flint is the housekeeper at Melford Park. Other well known actors appearing in the series include, Jane Merrow as Anne Hepton (1971), Hilary Heath (credited as Hilary Dywer) as Jenifer Caldwell / Hadleigh (1973), Michael Billington as Freddie Hepton (1971) and Hannah Gordon as Sarah Alwyn (1971).

The series ran for seven seasons from 1969 until 1976 with 52 one-hour episodes being produced. The theme tune for the series was composed by Tony Hatch


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