Ghost Squad

Starring, Sir Donald Woolfit and Michael Quinn
Ghost Squad began in September 1961 with hour-length episodes. The series was a joint ATV (Associated-Television) and Rank production and was inspired by the real-life activities of Scotland Yard's Phantom Division, which the press dubbed 'The Ghost Squad'. The main operative of Ghost Squad in the series is Nick Craig, played by the American actor Michael Quinn, who was brought over from the United States to England especially to play the part. The head of the Ghost Squad organization is Sir Andrew Wilson played by Sir Donald Wolfit.

The men and women of Ghost Squad are highly-trained operatives who often work alone in dangerous situations and are experts at disguising their true identities. The Ghost Squad have their headquarters in the heart of London, nothing too grand though, just offices in an un-assuming apartment building. It is from these headquarters that operatives receive instructions for their assignments, fighting crime throughout the world.

The members of Ghost Squad frequently put their own lives in danger and can often work on an assignment together without knowing that the other person is also a Ghost Squad member; such is the secrecy of this organization.

The role of the Ghost Squad personnel is not only to solve crime, but to step in and prevent it. If a member of Ghost Squad were to be caught, they would be on their own and be left to their own devices and as the organization does not exist officially, no attempt could be made to assist them.

Ghost Squad, later renamed GS5 was made at the ATV Elstree Studio Centre in Hertfordshire, England and was distributed by Lew Grade's ITC (Incorporated Television Company). The series had a run of 52 episodes in black & white format and ended in 1964. Listen to the theme tune here.