Gary Hope

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Gary Hope's first television appearance was in the ABC Television drama anthology series Armchair Theatre. The play is entitled 'The Rose Affair'. Gary played the character  'Mr Face jnr'.

A profile of the actor Gary Hope

Gary Hope has worked on countless television shows over the years, appearing in many of the top 1960s and 1970s series and serials. Gary's work includes classics such as Armchair Theatre (The Rose Affair), Play of the Month (Dance of Death), The Count of Monte Cristo, Top Secret, Danger Man, No Hiding Place, The Saint, The Avengers, Public Eye, Clegg, The Onedin Line, Barlow at Large, Lillie and Just William.

In the 1980s Gary's Guest-Starring roles include: Ashwell in Max Headroom, and Crossroads, where his character saves the life of the motel's head-waiter, Paul Ross (Sandor Eles) after he is viciously attacked. Gary has appeared in numerous films in the course of his career, including: Just for Fun (1963), Licenced to Kill (1965), Night, After Night, After Night (1969), Big Zapper (1973) Licenced to Love and Kill (1979), and Number One Gun (1990).

There is one film in particular of which Gary is most proud to have worked on and that is Live On Arrival (1999), written and directed by Paul Spurrier. The film also stars the late Ronald Lacey (in his last film) as Gordon Wheaton and his daughter Rebecca Lacey plays Nurse O'Connell. The premise of the film is that a man arrives at the casualty department of a hospital and is pronounced dead; he does however still have the ability to walk and talk!

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Gary has also worked extensively on radio, including the BBC World Service. He also starred in the BBC Radio 3 play The Trout Sextet, Or The One That Got Away, by Rufus Stone and produced by Piers Burton-Page. In the play which was first broadcast on January 1 2002 and repeated on July 14 2002, Gary plays the Austrian baritone and composer, Herr Johann Michael Vogl. The play is about a trip to Upper-Austria, which Herr Vogl made with his friend and colleague Franz Schubert in 1819.

More recently, Gary Guest-Starred as a Civil Registrar in Doctors, the BBC1 TV daytime medical drama series. The episode entitled Words and Music was broadcast on April 13 2006. Doctors is set in the fictional Midlands town of Letherbridge and the storylines revolve around the lives of the staff and patients at The Mill Health Centre, a busy family medical practice.

Gary Hope was born in Essex and began his career in the acting profession after being awarded a scholarship from Essex County Council. Gary attended the Guildhall School of Music and Drama followed by the Hornchurch Repertory Theatre in Essex, then to the Theatre Royal in Lincoln after which Gary went on to Sir Barry Jackson's Birmingham Repertory Theatre, now known as the Old Rep.

Gary Hope's first television appearance was in the ABC Television drama-anthology series Armchair Theatre. The play entitled The Rose Affair (see image at top of page) is a multi-award winning production. The Rose Affair also stars Natasha Parry, Dudley Foster, Anthony Quayle, Joseph O'Connor and Naunton Wayne. Gary Hope's character in The Rose Affair is Mr.Face Jr. "The Play is a witty and imaginative reworking of The Beauty and the Beast fairytale..." (Screenonline). The Rose Affair was first broadcast on October 8 1961, Alun Owen wrote the script; his fifth for the series, Charles Jarrott directed and the producer is Sydney Newman, (black & white 58 minutes). See the full synopsis at BFI Screenonline website.