Garry Halliday

Starring Terence Longdon

Terence Longdon stars as Garry Halliday in this adventure series which first aired in 1959 and ended in 1962. Garry Halliday is a pilot for The Halliday Charter Company, his co-pilots are Bill Dodds-1959-1962 (Terence Alexander), and Eddie Robbins-1962 (Bill Kerr). Three series of Garry Halliday were made: Garry Halliday, Garry Halliday and the Gun-Runners and The Secret of Omar Khayyam.

Terence Alexander was replaced in the third series by Australian actor Bill Kerr, who took over as co-pilot Bill Dodds. The arch-villian of the series is The Voice, played first by Elwyn Brook-Jones, but when Jones died in the middle of the final series, the character continued with another actor in the role. Whenever The Voice has a meeting with a member of his gang, he shines a strong light in their faces, thus not revealing his identity. One of The Voice's gang is Traumann played by Maurice Kaufmann.

The location shooting which involved scenes requiring shots of aircraft etc. was filmed at Ferryfield Airport at Lydd in Kent (now London Ashford Airport), England. The producers of the show were assisted by Silver City Airways based at Lydd.

The series was based on the books written by Justin Blake who wrote five Garry Halliday books: Garry Halliday and the Disappearing Diamonds. Faber, 1960, Garry Halliday and the Flying Foxes. Faber, 1965, Garry Halliday and the Kidnapped Five. Faber, 1962, Garry Halliday and the Ray of Death. Faber, 1961, Garry Halliday and the Sands of Time. Faber, 1963.

The series was made by BBC Television and it is believed that of the 50 x 25 minute episodes produced, there remains just one in the BBC archives.