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Jonathan Kydd (use of images of Sam Kydd).
Shona Barrett (BFI) (archive material).
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       David Osterley (Archbuild Limited) (use of Associated-Rediffusion 'Starburst' and 'Crane' clip.
Channel Television (Jersey).
Dr Susan Brock (Head of Library and Information Resources, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust).
Crossroads Appreciation Society.      
Bruce Montague.
Collis Management.
Lisa-Marie Assenheim (Associated International Management).
Philip Stone.
Warren Mitchell.
The Principality of Sealand
Christopher Strauli.
Jan Waters.
Delena Kidd.
Gary Hope.
Patricia Kneale.     
Jeff Miller (History of American Broadcasting).
Images of Philo T. Farnsworth on this site are used by courtesy of Kent M. Farnsworth.
Images of Dr. Vladimir Zworykin on this site are used by courtesy of the Restelli Collection.

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Sources of reference:

Television Star Book-1964, published by Purnell & Sons Ltd.
Broadcast TV programmes or VHS/DVD releases thereof.
Research material supplied by various copyright holders.
Breakthrough Magazine.
Marine Broadcasting News (MBN).
History of American Broadcasting website.
Ofcom website (History of P.S.B. in the UK).
The Prisoner & Danger Man by Dave Rogers/The Complete Avengers by Dave Rogers (Boxtree).
Essex Airfields in the Second World War by Graham Smith (Countryside Books).
My Life At Crossroads by Noele Gordon


We have through necessity reproduced images from sometimes long out-of-print annuals & magazines etc., we have attempted to contact various publishers for permission to use said images, but usually to no avail. If you are the copyright owner of any of the images we have reproduced but have not received a credit, please notify us and we will immediately credit your work, or if you prefer, remove the item in question immediately.

Sources of reference for Television History

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Music/audio/audiovisual samples (clips) used on this website of copyright material are for educational, informational, criticism & research puposes, or for review for CD/DVD purchase purposes only, and are used under 'fair use' provisions. We believe that any such material contributes significantly to the articles in which they are used. Any such material used is usually (although not always) of a shorter duration relative to the work from which it is sampled and is usually (although not always) inferior in quality relative to the work from which it is sampled and is not, necessarily, representative of the original material.

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