Starring Neville Whiting, John Leyton and David Drummond

Neville Whiting plays Air Police inspector Major James Bigglesworth (Biggles) in this Granada Television produced series from 1960. Biggles' colleagues are Ginger Hebblethwaite (John Leyton) and Lord Bertram 'Bertie' Lissie (David Drummond). Biggles' arch-enemy is Hauptmann Erich von Stalhein, played by Carl Duering.

Biggles ran for 24 x 30 minute episodes from April 1 1960 until September 9 1960. The series is based on the characters created by William Earl Johns, writing under the pen name of Captain W.E. Johns. Johns had been a pilot but did not hold the rank of captain. Biggles first appeared in print in a story entitled The White Fokker, published in the very first issue of the magazine Popular Flying in April 1932.

The series was adapted from Johns' books by H.V. Kershaw for Granada Television. Tony Warren wrote some of the stories for the series and the directors include, Derek Bennet, Douglas Hurd and Stuart Latham.

Biggles episodes were broadcast live or videotaped as 'live' and produced at the Quay Street studios of Granada Telelevision in Manchester. Read about John Leyton's memories of the making of Biggles.

  The following episodes have survived and are held in the ITN archives

Biggles At the Home Front (April 1 1960) / Biggles Flies North (April 22 1960) / Biggles Follows On (May 27 1960) / Biggles Takes Charge (July 1 1960) / Biggles On Mystery Island (July 22 1960) / Biggles Baits the Trap (August 3 1960) / Biggles At Worlds End (August 24 1960) / Biggles Turns the Scale (September 2 1960) / Biggles Springs the Lock (September 14 1960 ) / Biggles in the East (September 25 1960) / Biggles On the Nile (October 5 1960).