Adam Adamant Lives!

Gerald Harper stars as Adam Adamant

Gerald Harper stars as the Edwardian crime-fighter Adam Adamant, in Adam Adamant Lives! which ran on BBC Television from 1966 until 1967. Adamant has for the past sixty-four years been in suspended-animation after being injected with a drug which paralysed him. He had then been frozen in a block of ice by his arch-nemesis The Face (Peter Ducrow).

In 1966, a group of demolition workers discover Adam in his frozen state in the building where he has languished for over half a century. Adam is revived and later learns that The Face has also made the transition into the middle of the twentieth century

Following the huge success of Danger Man and The Saint on ITV, the BBC came up with Adam Adamant Lives! This short-lived series followed the exploits of Adam Llewellyn De- Vere Adamant (Gerald Harper) who awakens from his frozen state to find he has been transported in time from his Edwardian era into a society which seems to be its antithesis. The storylines for the series rely to a large degree on the contrasting juxtaposition of the two eras.

Nightclub D.J. Georgina Jones (Juliet Harmer) is Adamant's 'sidekick' and accomplice in his modern-day exploits. Georgina has long been an admirer of Adamant after learning of his 'derring-do' from her grandfather. Adam's butler is William E. Simms, a former Music Hall artiste played by Jack May. Adam Adamant has his old home reproduced on top of a multi-strorey car park and he later purchases a Mini Cooper S.

Adam Adamant Lives! had a run of 29 black & white episodes of 50 minutes duration over two seasons. A pilot episode was made, but never broadcast, although some scenes from it were cut into the first broadcast episode. Adam Adamant Lives! was created by Sydney Newman and produced by Verity Lambert. It is believed that only 17 episodes of the series now remain. The Adam Adamant theme song is performed by Kathy Kirby.

Opening title sequence & episode clips from the BBC