Delena Kidd

Delena Kidd

Delena Kidd has made numerous television appearances over the years, some of her early work in the 1950s and 1960s was for Associated-Rediffusion, including episodes of Murder Bag (1957-1959), No Hiding Place, (1959-1967) both starring Raymond Francis, Top Secret (1961) starring William Franklyn in an episode entitled After the Fair, playing Jacquetta, in this episode Delena remembers that she "had a huge fight in it with Tony Booth [father of Cherie Blair] ". as part of the action of the episode.

Delena recalls "I did lots of work for A.R. [Associated-Rediffusion] in those days, late 50s and 60s." She continues "In all, it was a good time on TV for me and the rehearsal periods we then had for shows, 2 or 3 weeks, meant you got to know your fellow actors. Now most filming is condensed into one or two days without rehearsal. We rehearsed in the A.R. premises at the south end of Holborn."

Delena has also worked regularly on television in the subsequent decades up to the present day, and some of her other work has been in series such as Dangerman, The Avengers, The Sweeney, and more recently in Casualty and Family Affairs. Delena's film work includes The Browning Version (1955) and Room at the Top (1959).

Delena Kidd has also had a prolific career in the theatre specializing in Shaw and Shakespeare, she has worked with her husband Gary Raymond (Jason and the Argonauts, El Cid) on stage in numerous productions, Delena and Gary married in 1961 and have three children.


Text: Graham J. Hayes 2006

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